Few can resist the allure of a destination wedding! Picture it: several days of festivities with loved ones in a paradise setting, complete with stunning beaches, endless drinks, and round-the-clock room service - all while pledging your love to your soulmate. It's practically the stuff of fairy tales. And let's not forget, destination weddings come at a fraction of the cost compared to their stateside counterparts!

However, it's crucial to recognize that a destination wedding isn't suited for everyone. There are numerous unique challenges to navigate, so before taking the plunge, carefully consider the following points. We want to ensure that this choice aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences!




Having a destination wedding often triggers an avalanche of unsolicited opinions from people who feel compelled to share their thoughts. If you're considering a destination wedding, brace yourself for this phenomenon. Those with thin skin might reconsider, as invitees will inevitably chatter, and sooner or later, you'll hear tales like "Susan's" disbelief over the expense of attending your celebration. "Susan" may even go as far as to proclaim your supposed madness and selfishness to anyone who will listen.

Ironically, individuals like "Susan" are precisely why many opt for destination weddings in the first place - because frankly, nobody wants a "Susan" at their wedding.

However, dealing with these types of people is part and parcel of hosting a destination wedding. Are you prepared to tune these people out?

Having spent some time in the industry, one of our initial insights was the tendency of the US media to spotlight various Caribbean countries with sensational, tabloid-style headlines aimed at dissuading travel.

Frequently, they amalgamate unrelated incidents to create alarming yet often inaccurate headlines.

No Caribbean country seems immune to this media targeting; we've observed nearly every one of them being singled out. And unfortunately, these scare tactics are effective, leading family and friends to panic.

Upon glimpsing a headline (without delving into the article), your eccentric "Uncle Jim", who hasn't ventured beyond his hometown in two decades and never owned a passport until your destination wedding decision, will inevitably ring you up. "Uncle Jim" will passionately insist on the perilous nature of your chosen resort and the entire country, imploring you to reconsider your plans.

Are you equipped to handle people like "Uncle Jim" and the media onslaught?

Attention all Bride and Groom-zillas: Proceed with caution when planning a destination wedding, especially if you lean towards type-A personalities. The majority of resorts typically won't engage in detailed discussions about chargers, napkin holders, and chair covers until approximately three-months prior to your event.

In fact, some resorts won't even confirm the specific location for your ceremony and reception.

If you're someone who thrives on having all the details sorted well in advance, you may opt to enlist an external wedding planner to maintain your peace of mind. However, for others, the uncertainty until closer to the date may add an extra layer of stress.

It's important to note that these resorts are well-versed in handling weddings and often conduct multiple ceremonies daily, even on weekdays. Consequently, they don't see the need for extensive planning months or years beforehand, as they have refined the process to a science. Just be aware that until approximately three-months prior to your wedding, details planning at many resorts may be limited.

Now, if after considering the points outlined above, you're still eager to embark on planning a destination wedding, I have fantastic news for you! It's remarkably economical compared to weddings held in the United States!!