Rumors continue to buzz about the new Nickelodeon Resort Riviera Maya location and opening dates, but Karisma's website still has "Opening 2020" listed.

When in 2020?  Well, for that, we do not know yet, but we do know that construction stalled on the main beachfront building as it became apparent that Nickelodeon had no plans of opening the hotel until the waterpark was also completely finished - as not to repeat the fun they had in the Dominican Republic.  This, we think was a good move as we would rather see the opening date be pushed as opposed to a rushed open and having guests not really get the full experience, as so many other resort lines tend to do.

Be All Inclusive was back in the area to monitor the project at the end of October 2019 and we thought we would share the updated construction photos with you - both of the hotel and the water park.

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Photos: James Berglie for Be All Inclusive