We are very proud to have been able to help with “The Santa Claus Project” with our partners at Karisma Hotels and Resorts this year. The project collects presents, food and supplies and delivers them to orphanages and local communities in need in Mexico. Many of the communities do not even have electric or access to purified water systems.

Presents are given to the children along with a box full of food and supplies for their families. These people have nothing and all donations are very much appreciated. Recipients often ask if the gifts come from a political party as they do not understand why someone would just give away these items without a specific reason behind it.

We are truly blessed to simply have food on our plate, and shoes on our feet. There are many in this world with much less.

We are happy to support this project and vow to take a much larger commitment to it next year, as well as helping our communities throughout the year in 2018.

Merry Christmas